Dear Malini,

 A quick response to your article: I am surprised at the language. I am attaching a paragraph  that represents the tone of the article.  Nowhere do you critique the idea of relocation or wonder if relocating villagers will definitely result in tiger numbers coming back. I suggest you read a little more in the other disciplines especially in the social sciences journals that will argue in a nuanced fashion about the social issues involved in such draconian conservation efforts.  "This is the second successful attempt in India at relocating people living in utter squalor inside desolate Protected Areas, meant for wildlife. The first was the relocation of squatters from Bhadra Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. That apart, villages from Corbett Tiger Reserve’s buffer zones are also being relocated. If the government had provided forest dwellers this much dignity decades ago, they would not have had to share wind and water with foxes and felines." This strikes at the very heart of the nature versus culture divide. The assumption that people and nature can not and have not lived together. This, following Goebbels, becomes the truth the more times we repeat it, given that there is absolutely no basis for such beliefs in any of the sciences.  




Your style is so very crisp and yet one can see the underlying compassion..

Your views are perfectly balanced without bias, and still you manage to put in a strong punch for wildlife without sounding the least bit hysterical..

Sincere congratulations.. I can see you growing with every article. Wildlife needs you.





Your articles speaks volumes about the magnitude of the situation and I sincerely hope the Politicians realise what we are loosing in the near future, our biodiversity which our country is so proud of will be in shambles if they do not realise it. This article talks about the imminent danger that lay ahead and yet the authorities have turned a blind eye time and again. I had been through WPSI site in regards to wildlife trafficking and have done nothing about it, but you have chosen to put it across to the whole world which many of us failed to do thereby increasing the awareness in the common man.

Siddhartha Gogoi



Dear Malini Shankar,

 Glad to read your excellent article.





Read the article. It was really well researched and quite informative. The article raises an issue of real concern for all of us.



I know I am in good hands! …Just a short notice of my feeling when I think about our film, your work and our cooperation.



Dear Malini,
 I did read the article on Sansar Chand. Analysis by Malini Shankar should have read 'Excellent Analysis by Malini Shankar.' That is how reports should read in all newspapers and magazines. But then we still have a long way to go.
 Yeshwanth Kumar



Went through the article and your efforts are laudable. you have that rare insight to FEEL for these wonderful creatures

K.S.N. Chikkerur




It has become very clear that time and again the authorities have failed to take appropriate actions on time. By instinct we are supposed to learn from the mistakes that we make however in this regard the authorities have turned a blind eye on wildlife trafficking time and again. Total lack of political support will pave the way for easy trafficking of wildlife products and the poachers are aware of the poor enforcement laws and knows for a fact that getting away with it is as easy as anything. Poachers will continue poaching at regular intervals until and unless the laws are foolproof and anti poaching is stepped up. Better pay packages and incentives for the Forest Guard will definitely boost their moral and will lure anyone who would like to join as a forest guard. They are the shadows of protection, you chop one tree and you take away the shade and the protection similarly if they are not motivated they would not have the heart to show their best in the field. The Counter Insurgency Jungle Warfare School (CIJWS) in Vairengte in Mizoram state is considered one of the world's most prestigious anti-terrorist institutions and have trained countless defence personals from various part of the world, the forest guards should also be trained to boost their moral and their fighting spirit. When endangered wildlife and it's habitats come under unprecedented pressure it's time to act with force rather than thinking about it.