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We at Weltanschauung media Centre are a little passionate about bridging the digital divide. We conceive a way doing things:

Bridging the digital divide means bringing to your ear shot challenges like successfully integrating a HIV orphan or physically / mentally challenged child into the midst of our chaotic society… we conceive this as a duty of a sensitive and responsible media… Other tasks include introducing to you concepts such as legitimacy of homosexuality, the hardships of those with a different sexual orientation, lonely battles against corruption, facing the water crisis etc.

  • To give you an example: Creating awareness about the fight against corruption … involves,
  • Making sense of our own diverse experiences and that of others’ experience in fighting corruption,
  • Incorporate all these experiences as scripts,
  • Rendering them as multi media content for different audiences / and readership
  • Making radio and TV dramas, public service announcements,
  • Graphics,
  • Documentaries, and news features,
  • Broadcasting and marketing / distribution of content
  • Creating awareness in the reader / viewer / listener to be inspired enough, to take on the fight oneself.

Other examples are to create widespread awareness about HIV / AIDS, gender / gay rights reproductive health in India,

These are not just onerous tasks… but to streamline this chaotic process into one seamless “script” calls for enormous human resources energy time and money. Would you like to sponsor or donate for this process? If so, please contact us by e mail or fill in this form, to credit the money to our bank account. Please specify which campaign you would like to support, and whether you would like to support content production or broadcast.

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