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1.3.ii.a Content produced with funding / grants will be distributed free of cost in the first round of publication / broadcast within India (first round implies the term till the funding is completed – by when the content should be created fully. Once content production / first round of publication / broadcast is completed the WMC retains the right to sell the content after a gap of two years on a commercial basis outside India). Commercially produced content, produced by raising revenues from various sources like advertising and sponsorship will have to be marketed to the appropriate agencies / syndicates and markets in the whole world
1.3.ii.b: Original Content: Writers / creative content producers will have to declare in a legally prescribed format that all material submitted to WMC are original and the individual / institution / entity holds all copyright to submit the original to WMC.
1.3.ii.c: Purchase of Copyright: Content producers will have to submit all receipts / vouchers and proof of expenses incurred, in original, to highlight the expenditure incurred, so that WMC can cover the expenses incurred in his or her remuneration. Content producers sell their copyright to WMC and will be compensated once for outright sale of copyright.
1.3.ii.d: Copyright: Content Producers will have to declare in writing on the prescribed legal format that (s)he is not doing something similar to any other media company / agency, anywhere in the world,  at the same time.
1.3.ii.e: Marketing and distribution: Liaison officers involved in marketing the product or in procuring funding / venture capital will be rewarded monetarily on a per assignment basis / with a percentage commensurate with the amount raised and the fees earned on the final product. In case funding is secured for a specific or a long term project, the liaison officer will be rewarded with an amount (percentage proportionate to the fund) that will compensate his or her expenses incurred, besides a professional remuneration that ought to encourage and enthuse the concerned individual’s commitment and motivation to the Centre.
1.3.ii.f: Commercial networking: WMC will also network with visual footage banks, content syndicates, TV production companies and other such content production companies on a professional / turnkey basis. Remuneration, consultancy fees and other fees should be worked out in conjunction with the partner companies. Fees / remuneration package for royalty / consultation fees, professional remuneration, distribution fees etc. should be commensurate with the value / value addition of the product and must cover the expenses incurred.
1.3.ii.g: Contract for use of content: Clients who buy the content are privileged to use the content as many times as they please and it suits their convenience within a maximum time span of 18 months (eighteen months). If the client wants to use the content after the expiry of these 18 months the client has to renew the contract to reuse the content. WMC is obliged to maintain and respect the territorial presence of the client.
1.3.ii.h: First use: WMC will not consciously sell the same content to a rival broadcaster / publication company / radio station / Internet company / photo stock agency / Multimedia company, or any other client at the time of first use of content that was contracted by WMC in the same territory / region / area / province / country. WMC however retains the right to enter into first time contract for sale of the same content with any other client in another region / area / province / country, state even if an existing client wishes to renew the contract for reuse of the same content.
1.3.ii.i.  Content Producer’s profile: Content producers are expected to provide a brief introduction to the article / script / content of the documentary or an index with photo captions of the photo stock. A brief introduction / profile of the writer / producer/ consultant / resource person / director / photographer must accompany the content. This brief profile of the producer / director / writer will be put up on the website of the Centre – WMC. Clients interested in buying the products / content are requested to first scan through these web pages to decide on what product they are interested in buying. After shortlisting / deciding the product the client wants to buy, it can place further questions and enquiries via e mail and then place the order. The client has to make 100 % payment of the price of the product at the time of placing the order. The content will then be sent to the buyer either by e mail attachment / FTP or courier, depending on the size and volume of the content being bought. WMC will guarantee delivery of products within 48 hours, as long as the buyer is located within easy reach of airports and has other good infrastructure like broadband FTP to enable speedy downloads. The client must send two complimentary copies of the published / broadcast copies to WMC.
1.3.ii.j. Newsletter: WMC will keep a database of products available “on the shelf” through a monthly newsletter, which will be dispatched to all potential clients and resource persons that the Centre is dealing with. Contact details of WMC will be made available in the newsletter. This is the medium through which clients will contact the Centre to place orders for the products, as well as commission products they need for exclusive production.
1.3.ii.k. Commissioning exclusive products: In case of commissioning products like radio and TV documentaries, WMC will have to be paid 100% of production expenses against the presentation of an all encompassing budget. WMC will then produce the content exclusively for the client as per the stipulations, editorial requirements, graphics supplements, deadline etc. Contract will have to be signed to this effect. Sponsorship fees if any will be communicated to the client, who in turn will make the sponsorship fees on crossed cheques in favour of the broadcasting channel. That means, production expenses have to be paid up 100% in advance to WMC, which is the producer, and the sponsorship fee has to be submitted in the form of a crossed cheque in favour of the broadcasting network just two days before commencement of broadcast. The client can give the sponsorship cheques to WMC, which will guarantee broadcast of the content according to the stipulations and conditions of the client.
1.3.ii.l. Purchase of Content: Print media content is available for off the shelf purchase on a weekly basis. The cost price of the article and accompanying graphics are mentioned along with the size of the file, the number of words, the name of the author and number of pictures / graphics available with the article. Radio documentaries will be ready for broadcast on a bi- monthly. Photo features will be ready for publication / hosting on a weekly basis.
1.3.ii.m. Kill Fee / Delay Fee: If commissioned content is either rejected or killed, or delayed for publication / broadcast/ web-cast or other stated purpose, then the publication / broadcast medium is obliged to pay up the kill fee or delay fee as the case may be. The window period that can be condoned before the delay fee is enforced, is 6 weeks after the date of submission of the content. Content producer is also obliged to submit the content within 2 weeks after completion of the project and the producer is obliged to commence work on production of content within 5 days of the date of commission. The kill fee is thrice the amount of cost price of the content. Delay fee is calculated on a pro rata basis depending on the time delayed and compounded with the cost incurred on creation / pro 1.3.ii.n. Public interest communication / public relations / advocacy and media campaigns need funding. Funding should cover cost of production, communication, and marketing / distribution costs. 
1.3.ii.o. Translation services for journalistic / media content will have to be assigned to WMC on a separate clause and additional fee; Technical translation will have pre determined tariff structure; the fee charged will depend on the following factors:

  • Availability of translators,
  • Deadline,
  • Technical jargon,
  • The purpose for which it is being translated as well as the purpose for which it will be used.  


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