The different Media products we at WWMC create include:

  • Feature articles,
  • Columns / Blogs
  • photo stock,
  • multimedia CDs,
  • radio and TV documentaries,
  • Sound Effect CDs,
  • Press Clippings,
  • Visual News clips / footage,
  • Voice-overs,
  • E-publishing, etc.


The subjects that we at Weltanschauung - Worldview Media Centre are passionate about are:

  • Biodiversity Conservation,
  • Enviro legal debates,
  • HIV and AIDS,
  • Climate change and carbon trade issues,
  • Millennium Development Goals,
  • General Health issues,
  • Water Crisis,
  • Famine, Flood, Disease, and Pestilence
  • Fight against Corruption,
  • Sustainable development among others
The world has increasingly shrunk, leading to the much-used expression – Global Village. The media is largely responsible for shrinking the Planet. While the Globe has indeed shrunk, the challenges that have set forth in this shrunk village are just as transitionary: The World Today juxtaposes traditions versus modernism, fuelled as it were by global challenges like unemployment, competition, globalisation, and a universal sense of suffering that escapes the attention of a crassly commercialised media. Weltanschauung (pronounced as Welt – Anschau – Ung) - Worldview Media Centre seeks to bridge this crucial gap, by fulfilling the obligations of a responsible, traditional and sensitive Media. The Word Weltanschauung is a German word and it translates to a Worldview. This very literary, philosophical term will indeed set the trend for the Media Centre and serve as an inspiration for the staff and professionals of Weltanschauung - Worldview Media Centre. Weltanschauung - Worldview Media Centre seeks to tend to the call of the Oppressed, undermined Child of a Lesser God, and heed the clarion call of idealism that is fast escaping the horizons of modernity.

In line with its commitment to address the imperative call of the hour, Weltanschauung - Worldview Media Centre dedicates itself to communicate the needs and aspirations of the “Have-Nots” to those who are better off in more ordained societies. In keeping with this ideal, Weltanschauung Media Centre - Worldview Media Centre has formulated the following long-term major goals:

  • Create Media Products that address the concerns and aspirations of the Have-Nots.
  • Utilise the professional talent and skills of vast human resources in India.
  • Utilise the latest available communications technology on a commercial basis to bridge the infamous digital divide.

WWMC will also serve as a platform to network:

  • Markets,
  • Professionals,
  • Agencies,
  • NGOs,
  • Scientific establishments and research institutes,
  • Funding agencies and venture capitalists,
  • Government organisations
  • Trade blocs
  • Think Tanks,
  • Cultural institutions,
  • Universities
  • Chambers of commerce and industry etc.

Our services include

  • Networking
  • Public Relations
  • Editing,
  • Translation,
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Trade in Footage and Visuals,
  • Trade in Photo stock,
  • Studio facilities (Recording, production, editing, mixing, graphics, Hiring camera units / shooting kits)
  • Multimedia Content Production
  • Multimedia Interviews
  • Language Versioning
  • Distribution of Documentary films


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